The Next Step

Most frequently asked questions:

“Do you play basketball?” No. “Volleyball!” Nope. (I’m 5’11″…you get why they wonder)

And then there’s the question that makes me sweat a little bit to answer…

“So what are your plans after graduation?”

Why don’t you just ask for my social security number?? Kidding. It’s a completely fair question. I just have my panties in a twist because I’m still working the answer out. For most of the world, that’s normal for someone who graduated college literally nine days ago. But, at any Ivy League, when much of the student body is earning six figures first year out of college, that answer seems to make people very uncomfortable. In fact, they usually just start consoling me. “Aw…hey, don’t worry. It’ll be okay” or “You know what, there is nothing wrong with that! I don’t get why everyone else always says there is.”

Well, I’ll break down an honest answer:

Option 1: Let’s call this the “Smart Option.” The one that anyone in there right mind would take. I would work for the company in Tribeca that I worked for last summer. It is a small, successful company with a great mission. I looked up to my boss like she was my big sister and truly adored my co-workers. I’d have an income and an established job.edit04-2

Option 2: Let’s call this “I’m Sorry, Parents.” I’ve wanted to get involved in the film industry ever since I was 14-years-old. I wrote a screenplay my final semester at college and would wanna polish that puppy till it’s in good enough shape to submit to competitions and festivals. And then, low key, I have this itch to try out acting. I’d try to take classes, go to any auditions I can, and try to find an agent. And how will I make money, you ask? Modeling and bartending. Yup…you can imagine how uneasy this plan makes my parents.

Until yesterday, I was thinking I might be able to conflate the two options and make a third option. We can call that option “The Imaginary Option.” Take the job and then try acting/modeling/screenwriting on the side. Sounds like the best of both worlds, huh? The only way that would be possible is if I had Hermione’s time-turner. Sadly, we live in a muggle world and Option 3 is called “Imaginary” for a reason.

I think I’m gonna end up giving Option 2,“I’m Sorry, Parents,” a shot. My mom and dad are so encouraging, bless their hearts, but I can see my dad’s expression stiffen when I talk about this pursuit. That said, I know, no matter what, he’s there for me. He’s probably nervous for all the same reasons I am. How will I make money? What if nothing comes of this?

Well, there it is, people. This is what’s next for me. People talk about following their hearts. That’s what I’m doing here. And I’m scared shitless.

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