Yours Truly, The College Graduate

It was 9 o’clock at night, four hours past the dorm “move out” deadline and my Uber XL was waiting for me outside. It was raining, but I couldn’t be fucked wasting time putting on shoes. I sprinted out of my dorm, barefoot, splashing through puddle water and mud with a suitcase dragging behind me. I ran back and forth shuttling the other heavy suitcases to the Uber with the help of my patient roommate. Once those suitcases were finally in the trunk, I was out of there. Maybe it was good to leave college in such a rush. No time for tears, sappy goodbyes or commemorative selfies with the dorm security guard.

I have been anticipating some moment of stillness, either on the flight home or upon returning to my childhood bedroom, when the weight of the words “best four years of your life are over” would sink in and it would all hit me: goodbye beloved roommates, goodbye pre-paid meal plan, goodbye summer vacation, goodbye care-free wi-fi and electricity use.  But that hasn’t happened (not yet, at least)! A surprise, considering saying good night to my boyfriend can feel like a real tear-jerker. I think the dry eyes are a product of my perspective on graduation: it feels more like a beginning than an end. Also, after nineteen years of institutionalized education, I feel ready to move on. But if it is true and the best four years of my life are actually over…well, here’s to peaking in life, inexorable decline, and the moment I read back on this thinking, “You’re an idiot. Should’ve applied to grad school.”

This blog is to report how this whole post-grad thing goes. I’ll try to keep it candid and include all things good, bad, and ugly. And I have a feeling there’s gonna be a lot of all of those things. Why, you ask? Well, stay tuned to find out 😉

I’m Siena, by the way. Thanks for reading. I’ll try to include a picture with every post. Here’s one of me on the big bad graduation day.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 4.32.46 PM

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