Death By What-If’s

Okay, death is dramatic. But they’re figuratively killing me.

What if I fail. What if I make it big. What if I’m not good enough. What if I surprise myself and this is my true calling. What if I disappoint my parents?

As I read the bio’s of struggling actors, I see their long bullet lists of experiences. Drama school. College degrees in theater. Summer courses. Commercials. Plays. Movies. The lists go on. And these are struggling actors. Then I look at my acting resume. Two screenwriting classes. Two student-run short films in college. A couple of summer camps in high school. And a completely irrelevant degree in History and Science. Most of the successful actors I read about were either in the industry since childhood or they have parents who are involved in the industry. I have little to no connections. There is one actress who gives me hope: Lisa Kudrow. She graduated from Vassar with a degree in Biology before she started acting. And, like me, she came from a family of surgeons. Lisa did it, so maybe I could, too! There’s hope. But do I have have the talent? I don’t even have enough experience to know. Am I a fool to even try this? Who knows. Sorry this post is rant-y. I wish I had a glass ball.

Sorry this post is rant-y and self-indulgent. Here’s a gif of a kitten kissing a puppy to make it worth your while. Cross-species romance aside, it’s pretty cute.

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